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About Us

About Us


To develop our players by challenging them in a positive learning environment to maximize their potential, whilst moving them forward in soccer, in our community, and in life.


Great Communication

with everyone in & outside of the club

Great Training Sessions

designed by quality coaches


punctuality and preparation are key

Lessons That Matter

developing players on and off the field

Club Curriculum


Style of play.

Having a clear, defined style of play is vitally important as it defines who we are on the pitch. We want all our players to have the knowledge of how to adapt and understand what is needed to be successful in any given situation on the soccer field. Our curriculum focuses on all aspects of soccer, with an emphasis of developing individual qualities to help players to perform to the highest level within a team environment


Believing in the way we try to play the game will create unity between players, parents and the community.


By committing to a consistent playing style we can standardize the best practices throughout the club and get collective buy in on creating the correct culture.


Although no two games are the same, and often teams will need to adapt based on the environment, we commit to displaying characteristics on the field whenever possible.


  • Control the tempo
  • Counter attack when possible
  • Dominant possession
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Confident and aggressive in 1v1 situations


  • High tempo / Look to win it back
  • Constantly supporting and backing each other up
  • Disciplined defending (standing up / calculated tackles)
  • Confident and aggressive in 1v1 situations


Individual Development

This player philosophy is used withing our club training structure and recreational program training structure.

We work off 2 guidelines:
Creative Attacking + Decisive Defending

We recognize that the game needs sound players with both of these abilities. Our programs structure is based around building the individual to be comfortable on the ball, but when the player is defending, we also want to build the mindset to make good decisions and be comfortable in that situation.

We base all our training sessions around a 1v1 situation and then build towards small group and game scenarios.

Training & Game Locations