Formerly the Winter Development League, the Winter Development Academy (WDA) is Sand & Surf’s largest community program of the year. The WDA is primarily focused on developing recreational soccer players while providing extra training for some of our existing club members over the winter break. This initiative offers lots of soccer fundamentals in a learning-focused environment with our club coaches.
Open to players born in the years of 2008-2016, the WDA consists of 10 weeks of hourly soccer fun, beginning on December 6th, and runs every Sunday (Bar the 27th of December) until February 21st. Each session will include speed and agility, technical work with new skills and turns weekly, and finally, shooting! Social distancing protocols and county/state health guidelines will be strictly adhered to throughout the program, for the safest experience possible.
To Register, please follow think the link here: See you on December 6th!
#WeAreSSSC #WDA2020


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