Velocity Sports Performance

Velocity Sports Performance: Title Sponsor

Our Club is proud to be the only soccer club in South Bay partnered with Velocity Sports Performance Center.


There are multiple benefits to this partnership, and they that are not just for our players but also for S&S family members. Our Velocity discounts include:


  • 20% off Individual Youth Performance Membership
  • 20% off Additional Team Training Sessions (booked monthly)
  • 22% off Adult Fitness Membership
  • 30% off Adult Small Group Training Membership
  • 30% off Unlimited Regen Membership
  • 30% off Unlimited Cryotherapy Membership
  • 50% off Group Cryotherapy (10+ people)

Separately from the above, all of our teams will practice at Velocity Sports Performance Center at different times throughout the Fall Season.  The workouts will be organized by age groups. Below are some expectations that players and parents need to follow.


Player Expectations:

-Arrive 15 minutes before your practice.

-Sign in using the I-Pad at the front desk.

-Wear full Sand & Surf practice uniform.

-Wear sports sneakers. (No Cleats allowed).

-Respect all staff, facilities and equipment at Velocity.


How to Sign In:

-Find the I-Pad at the front desk in reception.

-Click on your age group or team

-Click on your name


Parent Expectations:

-Parents are welcome to watch all Velocity practices from the waiting area.


All parents must sign a waiver for their child to participate in the Velocity practices. The waiver takes one minute to complete and can be found at the following link or at the Velocity front desk.