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Club Program

SSSC provides a highly competitive environment for players to maximize their potential and develop their skills and abilities.  

The Competitive Program runs for girls and boys in age groups 2010 - 2000. All teams will practice twice per week for twelve months, and each team will compete in leagues and tournaments throughout Southern California.  Teams in 2010-2005 share a standard seasonal cycle outlined below, and teams in 2004-2000 follow a different cycle that pauses for high school soccer competition.


Following tryouts in winter, teams begin practicing together to compete in a spring league consisting of at least 6-8 games.  As they move into summer, teams will play 3-4 tournaments depending on their level - the coach will provide direction and recommendations for suitable tournaments. All SSSC teams compete in the SCDSL Fall League, which consists of 12-14 home/away games from September-December. When Fall League ends, teams will compete in 1-2 tournaments before completing their season in the Cal South Sanctioned State/National Cup. 


For these age groups, players return from high school soccer participation at the end of February.  At this time, teams prepare for their State/National Cup, held later in the spring to accommodate high school seasons.  Once State Cup competition is over, SSSC will hold open tryouts, after which time teams move forward by playing in "friendly" games and 1-2 tournament(s) before the summer. Depending on its level, each team will play in 3-4 tournaments/showcases during the summer months.  All teams will compete in SCDSL Fall League, playing up to 12 home/away games running from September to the end of November. Once the fall league has ended, players transition back into their high school soccer programs.