At Sand & Surf Soccer Club, the player comes first and all of our efforts are toward developing your child to the best of our ability.  We pride ourselves on two pillars, great communication and great training sessions.

Our coaches are tasked with creating organized, fast-paced practices that allow each player the chance to touch the ball many times as they work on their technical development in game-like situations. Our coaches also teach the tactics of the game so the players can enhance their awareness on the field.  All the while, players are challenged physically and mentally in a realistic, positive, and enthusiastic learning environment.

Our coaches are held to a high standard that ensures each player leaves the training field having enjoyed themselves and having worked at their craft.  We aspire to consistently be the best local option for the soccer development of your child.  Everything we do is to improve your child.

Our Club does not prescribe to a single curriculum for developing players. We do, though, strongly believe in and promote the following:

  • To perform, players need to be well rested, well hydrated, and well fed
  • Players need to touch the ball as often as possible - in training and on their own time
  • To aid their development, players need to watch soccer – on TV and in person
  • It is healthy for players to have favorite teams to follow and favorite players to emulate
  • Coaches are teachers who present questions and inspire development by creating challenging problems for players to solve through training
  • Coaches -- and players -- are responsible for creating a positive learning environment
  • Training sessions should be engaging and productive
  • Training sessions are opportunities to learn, to try, and to improve
  • Being put under pressure in training, with and without the ball, is a good thing
  • Young players need to be developed in different positions and different systems
  • Games are opportunities for players to test themselves and challenge their own development
  • Winning is not the be all, end all…we put the overall development of players first
  • In the end, we want your child to be both a better person and a better soccer player.

We are Sand & Surf Soccer Club.


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